Schedule of Fees

CHP Rangos Flow Cytometry Schedule of Fees

Service                                                             Rangos Faculty          Non Rangos Faculty

Staff Assisted Cytometry (LSRII)                          50.00/hour                   75.00/hour

Self Operated Cytometry (LSRII)                          40.00/hour                   60.00/hour

Staff Assisted Cytometry (Fortessa)                      75.00/hour                  100.00/hour

Self Operated Cytometry (Fortessa)                      50.00/hour                  75.00/hour

Cell Sorting During Business Hrs                         100.00/hour                 125.00/hour

Cell Sorting ALL Hrs – SUPER USERS                 100.00/hour                 125.00/hour

Cell Sorting Off-Hours Core Staff                          175.00/hour                225.00/hour

Personnel Training – Initial Required                     20.00/hour                   20.00/hour

Additional Training as needed

            & for SUPER USERS                                50.00/hour                   50.00/hour

Software (FlowJo) training, off hours

             By appt includes consultation                  50.00/hour                    50.00/hour

             FlowJo assistance with data figures         100.00/hour                 100.00/hour


Penalty Charges: These require a non-Federal account number and one must be provided

  1. REQUIRED additional training for repeat infractions on machine use $75 penalty charge after second warning of self-user or superuser infraction
  2. No show / failure to cancel reservation 24-hrs before scheduled time results in full charge of pre-reserved time, fee depends on machine
  3. Penalty charge for overtime use of the machine results in full-hour charge, fee depends on machine (no charge if overtime slot had no prior reservation)
  4. Penalty charge for unused time of reservation results in full-hour charge for unused time more than hour, fee depends on machine.