Gnotobiotic Animal Core

The University of Pittsburgh Animal Gnotobiotic Core facility allows investigators to conduct experiments requiring germ-free (lack all culturable micro-organisms, no bacteria, archaebacteria or fungi) and gnotobiotic mice. The facility is certified as BSL2 and breeds and provides C57BL/6, Balb/c, and Rag1-/- on a C57BL6 background.


  • Able to associate with any mouse consortia, except BSL3/4 animals
  • Able to use BSL2 pathogens
  • Able treat with drugs, biologics, and adoptive transfer of cells from other mice.
  • Can carry out all procedures or facilitate investigator's experiment


  • Costs: $250/week/isolator

    • Small isolators 4-5 cages
    • Large isolators 15+ cages
    • The cost to the investigator to ‘change-over’ an isolator = $250
    • Minimum $500/experiment
  • Static caging price ($100/cage/week) (cannot guarantee sterility)

  • Cost/mouse ($20)  

How to get access

Please submit a concise but detailed description explaining the experiment at least 30 days in advance to the Center for Medicine & the Microbiome contact page