Lab   Contact    Location   Research Interests
Airik Lab 412-692-6229 Rangos, 5126

Kidney disease, renal ciliopathies

Alcorn Lab 412-692-7595 Rangos, 9127

T cell immunity, host defense, epithelial cell biology, and lung physiology

Arslanian Lab 412-692-5170    
Bates Lab 412-692-9440 Rangos, 5130 Fgfrs, obstructive nephropathy, renal aplasia/dysplasia/hypoplasia, vesicoureteral reflux and reflux nephropathy, progressive cystic kidney disease, atonic bladders, and functional bladder obstruction
Becker Lab 412-692-5170   Insulin-independent diabetes mellitus (IDDM),
Bergman Lab 412-692-7176   Viral immunotherapy of cancer metastases, Viral immunotherapy to prevent brain metastases.
Byersdorfter Lab 412-692-5427 Rangos, 5th Floor Biology of GVHD-causing T cells following allogeneic transplantation
Campfield Lab 412-692-6641 Rangos, 9th Floor Inflammation and immunity in the lung, partly focused on the role of follistatin-like protein 1 (FSTL-1)
Canna Lab Email Richard King Mellon Foundation Institute for Pediatric Research Sepsis, inflammasome, IL-18 and macrophage activation syndrome

Celedón Lab

412-692-5630   Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Coyne Lab 412-692-9565 Rangos, 9th Floor Placenta, Gastrointestinal tract, RNA virus replication
DePas Lab 412-692-9332 Rangos 9118 Bacterial biofilms, MiPACT-HCR, Mycobacterium, Informed model systems
Dermody Lab 412-692-9013 Rangos, 9th Floor Viral replication strategies and pathogenesis, Reovirus, Chikungunya Virus
de Vallejo Lab 412-692-8455 Rangos, 9B4 Immunobiology of Aging, Immunobiology of inflammatory syndromes

Diacovo Lab

412-692-9624 Ranch, 8130 Newborn Medicine
Dong Lab 412-692-9190 Div. of Endocrinology
and Diabetes
Dept. of Pediatrics
Beta-cell failure and diabetic hypertriglyceridemia in type 2 diabetes
Feranchak Lab Email    
Frizzell Lab 412-692-9449   Rangos, 7116 Anion channel, CFTR,  epithelial sodium channel, ENaC
Ghazi Lab 412-692-9258 Rangos, 7139 Aging, Genes, Caenorhabditis elegans, C. elegans
Goetzman Lab    

Role of Brown Fat in the Pathogenesis of Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders, Regulation of Fatty Acid Oxidation in Adipose Tissues, Regulation of Fatty Acid Oxidation by Reversible Lysine Acetylation

Hand Lab Email Richard King Mellon Foundation Institute for Pediatric Research Microbiota, Crohn’s Disease, Environmental Enteric Disorder.
Hillary Lab 412-692-5055   Sickle Cell
Ho Lab 412-692-5303 Rangos, 5127 Renal dysplasia/hypoplasia, microRNAs
Kane Lab 412-692-5493 Rangos 9117 Retroviruses, HIV-1, Antiviral immunity

Kemaladewi Lab 

412-692-6440 Rangos 5128  Interventional Genomics in Rare Diseases.  
Konnikova Lab 412-692-7346 Rangos, 7127 Neonatal mucosal immunity develops, sepsis, preterm labor, necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), IBD (VEO-IBD)
Kühn Lab Email Richard King Mellon Foundation Institute for Pediatric Research Myocardial growth and regeneration, cardiomyocyte proliferation
Lamitina Lab 412-692-9437 Rangos, 7th Floor Aging, Genes, C. elegans, G-C rich DNA sequences 
Lin Lab 412-383-7132 AOB, 2nd Floor Tuberculosis
Lucas/ McAllister Lab 412-692-9093 Rangos, 5th Floor CARMA-Bcl10-MALT1 (CBM) signalosome

Manole Lab

  AOB, 2nd Floor Key vascular pathways involved in pathologic cerebral blood flow (CBF)
McElroy Lab Email Rangos, 9th Floor 

Mouse adaptive responses to RVFV vaccination, Immune correlates of protection for RVFV

Mousumi Moulik 412-692-5325  


Muzumdar Lab 412-692-5170  

Hepatic lipid uses through the hypothalamus

Nicholls Lab 412-692-5710  

Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), transcriptional and miRNA Regulation in the Spastic Paraplegias (SPGs), BMI1 Oncogene

Pandey Lab 412-692-3192  


Poholek Lab

412-692-9944   Exploring the intersection of chromatin accessibility, epigenetics, and transcription factor networks contributing to immune cell differentiation and function. 
Prochownik Lab 412-692-9112 Rangos, 5th Floor Hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT), unrelated cord blood transplantation (UCBT) 
Sawalha Lab Email Rangos, 7th Floor Elucidating genetic and epigenetic contribution to the pathogenesis of systemic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
Silva Lab Email Rangos, 9th Floor Chikungunyavirus, other Togaviruses, vaccine development, viral receptors
Sims-Lucas Lab 412-692-7929 Rangos, 5129

Blood flow and hypoxia, renal lineages

Szabolcs Lab 412-692-9104 Rangos, 5th Foor  

Torok Lab

412-692-9585   Discovery of juvenile scleroderma immunophenotypes and biomarker development, genomic analyses to determine genetic links to disease activity and progression, and development and validation of outcome measures in pediatric scleroderma.
Urban Lab 412-692-5182  

Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR)

Vockley Lab 412-692-5070  

Mitochondrial energy metabolism, branched chain amino acid metabolism, inborn errors of metabolism, and development of novel therapies for inborn errors of metabolism

Williams Lab Email Rangos, 9th Floor Metapneumovirus
Yimlamai Lab Email   Pediatric liver diseases and liver tumors