Post-Award Administration

The Post-Award Administration team assists with ongoing financial management and compliance of grants and contracts, reconciles revenue and expenses, and closes out accounts.

Responsibility Areas

Federal Awards

  • Financial management of internally and externally funded research grants and contracts 
  • Monitor ongoing compliance, internal and external audit review
  • Reconcile revenue and expense
  • Processing financial agreements such as subcontracts, contracted service agreements and professional service agreements
  • Allocation/processing salary distribution (SPAR)
  • Monthly reporting to faculty
  • Approval of expenses
  • Close out accounts

Clinical Trial Administration

  • Financial management of Industry Sponsored (OSPARS) Clinical Trials and Federal Clinical Trials (PITT).
  • Reconciliation of monthly statements 
  • Invoicing, reconciliation of BAR system, verification of revenue, collections
  • Tracking all Date of Service (DOS) activity via Tracker System
  • Final close out process


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