Pamela H. Brigleb, BS

  • Graduate Student

Pam Brigleb joined the Department of Pediatrics in April 2018 as a PhD candidate in the laboratory of Dr. Terence Dermody. Her thesis research focuses on investigating the viral and immune determinants of reovirus-induced loss of oral tolerance to food antigen. This work is highly interdisciplinary including the fields of virology, innate immunology, and autoimmunity.

Prior to joining the University of Pittsburgh, Pam obtained her BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Virginia. Following the completion of her doctorate, she is interested in pursuing a postdoctoral position with a focus on host-pathogen interactions and leading a team of infectious disease research scientists.

Education & Training

  • BS, Biomedical Engineering with Distinction, University of Virginia, 2017

Selected Publications

Peterson ST, Kennedy EA, Brigleb PH, Taylor GM, Urbanek K, Bricker TL, Lee S, Shin H, Dermody TS, Boon ACM, Baldridge MT. Disruption of type III interferon genes Ifnl2 and Ifnl3 recapitulates loss of the type III IFN receptor in the mucosal antiviral response. J Virol. 2019 Aug 28; PMCID: PMC6819914

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Academic and Research Interests

  • Viral and host determinants of reovirus-induced celiac disease